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Monika Niwelińska

Artist's Statement

My research interests and artistic practice are in the areas of memory and perception, especially the internal recording of place and time and its visual translation into a tangible image. I am exploring how we perceive, and represent, time and space and also how we read and sense an existing physical place.

I think of my work as a visual transposition of pictures, which are formed in our mind successively while experiencing/sensing/encountering the outer reality; images, which are at the same time the emotional, very individual and subjective connotation of impulses (experience, information, sensory impressions) received from the surrounding world.

In my work I attempt to portray a memory concept, understood as a specific series of signs/pictures/codes recorded in our minds, which are submitted to continuous (conscious or unconscious) changes, variations, dislocations and selections. In general, my work is an attempt to interpret these processes, and to present a visual expression of memory as a sequence of pictures (copies, inaccurate reproductions of past reality), which are only ever its echo, but never an exact reflection.

I am interested in the analogy of the functioning of picture perception and memory processes in general - on the level of physiology and metaphysics. I am also interested in semantic analogies as well as visual and conceptual implications of concepts i.e. memory mapping, memory pictures, memory scanning, memory anatomy, mind map and memory traces.

By integrating this research into my art practice I am able to interpret and consider, on a visual level, issues of presence and absence; appearance and disappearance in a narrative that resonates around concepts of memory and loss, traces, remains and time.